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    Relieve various of pains on your body

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    Cooling Gel Patch and Body Warmer Heat Patch

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How to use detox for feet patches improve the

Time:2017-03-28 17:56:45

Sleep quality is not high the results will make you sleepy night becomes terrible, insomnia and our sleep at night have a great relationship, detox for feet patches to help you eliminate the factors that interfere with sleep, improve sleep q

The dangers of toxins in the body

Time:2017-03-27 11:41:36

Detox foot patch remind you that stool stay too long in the intestine, toxins are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream again, so that the blood becomes dirty, but also increase the burden on the liver, could lead to skin

Your ugly probably because toxin

Time:2017-03-27 11:39:56

Face a long spot, endocrine disorders slowly you will find that you become ugly than ever, these reasons may be because your body caused by accumulation, detox foot patch can help you solve these symptoms.

The foot toxin removal plaster useful

Time:2017-03-21 15:41:02

The foot toxin removal can relieve the pain of arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, waist and leg pain, rheumatism, Rheumatoid, Coolness of extremities, and all kinds of pain which was caused by cold.

How to become our body relief foot pads agent

Time:2017-03-14 16:13:45

Body relief foot pads(made from plant quintessence) discharges internal moisture and toxins from the sole through foot points.