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Is foot patch really promotion detoxification

Time:2018-05-12 17:40:48

Have you heard of how powerful and easy it is to use foot stickers? Is it a myth or a lie scam? Pharmacies also sell foot stickers, and foot stickers have become commonplace in daily life. Why is there so many mixed discussion results in li

Is detox foot patch effective?

Time:2018-05-04 16:52:13

Foot patch on the market claim to dampen detoxification. At night when you fall asleep, your feet will stick to the soles of your feet. The next day you will see that the foot sticks are moist and dark, and the darker the black, the more to

Does detox foot patch becomes black really det

Time:2018-04-23 17:19:39

Detox foot patch showing the phenomenon, but the users foot plate metabolism of water vapor through a night cycle foot paste inside the bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar absorbed the main function is to relax your foot plate muscles, stimulat

Foot health depends not only on foot patch

Time:2018-03-20 15:53:15

The long-term use of foot patch has a good auxiliary effect on the health of the body, because there are many important points in our feet. Through these acupuncture points, we can relax our body and eliminate body toxins. In fact, the heal

Why does recommend using Foot Patch?

Time:2018-03-12 15:49:23

Vestige detox patch can be applied on the various other parts of the body to relieve pain inflammation.Using foot patches at night can excrete excess water in the body and long-term accumulation of toxins.Intensive research has shown that v